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Wire braider - High speed

Penguin wire braider are one of the best in the industry, meeting the current industry standards of high quality and speed for catering to the upstream and downstream machines. The braid quality and the pitch speak for the quality on its own.
Penguin Engineers
Manufactured by: Penguin Engineers
Model: Wire braider - high speed

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High speed wire braiding machine


- 30 carrier rpm for 18 carrier machine
- 25 carrier rpm for 24 carrier machine

Most opt machine for producing hoses of

* Suraksha LPG hoses
* SAE 100 R1 Type AT
* SAE 100 R1A
* SAE 100 R6 (with textile carriers)
* Electrical cables
* Electronic pitch control - No change gears


LPG hose

The conventional braiding of 2 over 2 is widely used for braiding high pressure hoses. The structure causes the strands of wire to be flexed more aggressively and hence during the pressurisation process, the abrasion between the layer of wires is more intense.

In 3 over 3 braiding, the flexing of the wire strands perpendicular to the direction of lay is minimum. This ensures higher strength against the bursting forces. Also, the longitudinal changes in length of the hose is also minimised. Thus 3 over 3 braiding puts lesser kink on the wire compared to 2 over 2 braiding.

The “Penguin 3 over 3 Braider” adopts this latest technology in braiding and ensures 50% higher productivity for the same horn gear speeds.

Wire braider - High speed

3 over 3 braiding
Designed for vibration free operation
Single wire cut sensor
Automatic continuous oil lubrication
Ergonomically designed doors and access openings, so that the bobbins can be easily replaced
Sound proof acoustic enclosure


More flexible
Half bend radius hose
Higher pressure
Better performance
Less cross points
Higher coverage

Increase of wire flatness
Less problems pin hole; nippling
Equal force to single wire ends
50% Higher speed
Better impulse performance
Less wire consumption


Wire tension
1 kg to 5 kg
Number of carriers
Horn gear diameter
210 mm
210 mm
Horn gear speed
200 RPM
200 RPM
Upto 75 mm (Infinitely variable)
Wire carrier (Optional textile carriers)
Carrier speed
30 RPM
25 RPM
Production / min. Depending on pitch
2 to 3 m
1.5 to 2.5 m
66 mm
66 mm
170 mm
170 mm
500 cc
500 cc
Weight of wire
3 kg
3 kg
415 V, 3 Phase
415 V, 3 Phase
Total power
2.75 HP
3.75 HP


Drum diameter
800 mm
Drum width
450 mm
Weight of filled drum
160 kg
Traverse drive
Roll ring
Lifting of drum
(With easy lifting arrangement)
Line speed variable
5.75 m/min. (max.)
(Can be supplied with your drum size)