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Winder - Unwinder for hydaulic hose

Penguin winders and unwinders includes precision winding of hydaurlic, air-condition hose onto steel drums before vulcanization and after vulcanization. Pneumatic and hydraulic lifting are used for the winders according to the need. Safety controls with servo motors for high precision winding is the need of the current scenario.
Penguin Engineers
Manufactured by: Penguin Engineers
Model: Winder/ Unwinder

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Take-up unit for different diameters

Versatile machine suitable for various sizes of drums.
Motor driven clamping.
Drum lifting by using steel cord belt driven by electrical motor.
Speed control by servo drive and servo motor for precision control of hose laying.
Linear guide sliging system.
Caliper disc brake for let-off system.
Automated PLC controlled winder.
Operator touch panel interface to enter critical operational parameters.
Optional safety enclosures / light curtains.
Servo driven traverse / uhing drive.
Choice of speed -2 to 100 meters / min.

Take-up stand

Reeling unit

Hose Winded drum

Take-up unit

Linear traverse unit

Human Machine Interface




Take-up unit

Heavy duty hose reel let-off and take-up system
Can handle reels of upto 1540mm diameter and 1350mm width and weighing upto 1500 kg
Dancing arm controlled let-off/ take-up system

Reliable traverse mechanism with independent guided traverse carriage and Uhing traverse module
Pneumatic lifting of drum
Manual screw type clamping of drum
Line speed of about 0-80 m/min