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Palletizer - The system is flexible and can be configured according to the customer requirement and layout of the packing line
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Manufactured by: Penguin Engineers
Model: Palletizer - Stacking


Model: Stack-N-Wrap

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Automatic Yarn Palletizing System

Palletizer for Cone Yarns


The Penguin pallet building and wrapping line is a semi automatic system meant for economical palletizing and wrapping of pallets. The system is modularly constructed with Semi Automatic Palletizer, Empty Pallet Dispenser, Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machine, Automatic Weighing and Labelling Machine, Pallet Rotator cum Lowerator. The lowerator has a provision to enable the use of a simple hand pallet truck to take away the pallet.

The system is flexible and can be configured according to the customer requirement and the layout of the packing line. The patterns are formed on the tray conveyor manually. From thereon upto the delivery of the wrapped pallet, all operations are automated.

Pallet Dispenser

Pallets dispensed


Saves considerable labour involved in pallet building, wrapping and weighing
Entire operation is controlled by a powerful PLC
A colour touch screen is provided as operator interface for a single operator to monitor and control the operations
Can use pallets of : 800mm x 1200mm to 1200mm x 1200mm
A typical cycle time for a 10 layer pallet will be 5 minutes

Manual Filling

Manual stacking of cone yarns


Automtic palletizer


Max. Pallet size : 1200x1200x2600mm
Pallet weight : 2000 kg
Height of line - Stacking table : 750mm
Height of line - Delivery conveyor : Ground level

Palletized Boxes

Boxed palletized

Palletizing tins


Palletized Boxes

Boxes palletized