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Pallet wrapper

We at Penguin proudly guarantee that the following quality control procedures are used on every pallet that we despatch.

Our film is constantly checked for thickness accuracy, edge alignment and film clarity.

Finished rolls are checked for the correct film weight; When a pallet is complete, we weigh the entire pallet. This double check procedure ensures that our distributors and their customers get exactly what they order.

We also take a roll from each pallet and run it on special testing equipment. This equipment monitors stretch levels, puncture resistance, cling and retention. It also checks for other potential problems, such as gels or inconsistencies with resin.

If any of our finished rolls does not meet our quality control criteria, we don't ship them.

These procedures ensure that the recommended and sampled film will perform time after time. The Penguin film-quality-assurance guarantees it.


High Cling on the Inside
Ensures load integrity and improves wipe down.
High Slip on the Outside
Provides better slip versus standard two side cling stretch films
Easier Handling
Ensures that product loads will not stick to each other.
High Clarity
Promotes the quality of the product shipped.
Thickness Available
14ยต (microns) and up.
Superior Puncture Resistance
Tougher around irregular corners.
Excellent Cling
Increased cling for "Cold Room" applications.
Optimum Strength
"Grips" the load for enhanced containment.