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Hose wrapping machine - Rigid

Hose wrapping machine - Rigid
Penguin Hose Wrapping/ Unwrapping - Rigid mandrel

* High speed wrapping/unwrapping upto 35 meters/min
* Controlled high tension wrapping upto 15kg tension
* Variable tape width and overlap percentage
* Delicate handling of hoses

Head Drive: Servo Motor; 15kW
Spool Drive: Servo Motor; 11kW
Caterpillar Drive: Servo Motor; 4.65 kW
Brand Tape Drive: Servo Motor; 1.5kW
Drives: Servo Drives
HMI: 10inch Colour Touch Screen
Operation: Fully Automatic with PLC control
Hose Feeding: Take-off caterpillar
Frame: Heavy duty Structural Steel frame
Caterpillar: Positive drive belt with pressure distributing rollers
Compressed Air: 7 Kg/Sqcm; 30 litres/hour

Production Data:
Mandrel System: Rigid mandrel
Hose/ Cable length: No restriction
Type of Hose: Wire/ fabric reinforced
Hose diameter: Upto 70mm
Output: Upto 35m/ min

Tape Spool Capacity:
Core: Taper Core with removable section
Storage: One Operational + One storage

Core diameter: 308mm (12.125 inch)
Maximum tape diameter: 752mm (30 inch)
Maximum tape length: 1600 m (5,250ft)
Width range: 50mm to 100mm (2 - 4 inch)

Floor Space: 1.6 x 3.5 M
Weight: 4500 Kg
Power Consumption: less than15kW

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