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Stretch wrapping machine - Classic

Stretch wrapping machine - Classic
Penguin Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine
Stretch wrapping or pallet packing of products for yarn packing, carton box wrapping, polyester yarn packing, casting packing, mango pulp tins packing, brake drums packing, TV rear cabinets packing, paint pails packing, sack packing etc

*Pallets/Hour(nos): 15-25 pallets/hour
*Pallet Size(mm): 1200 L x 1200 W
*Pallet Height: 2500 mm H
*Weight / Pallet: 2000 Kg

Turn Table
*Diameter: 1500 mm
*Height (above GL): 80 mm
*Speed 1-10 rpm
*Maximum Stretch: 300 %
*Installed Power: 1.5 kw
*Power Supply: 220V, Single Phase, 50Hz
*Shipping Details: 1250 kg/4.0m3

Film Details
*Material: LLDPE Stretch Film
*Film Width: 250 to 500 mm
*Film Thickness: 12-35 ยต
*Core Diameter: 76 mm
*Maximum Film. Diameter: 250

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