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Reel wrapper machine working in Textile Mill Abroad for Giant Size Cloth Reel

Reel wrapper machine


Penguin Reel Wrapping Machine

Salient Features
*Can be used as Reel Wrapper and Pallet Wrapper and Change-over is by a single switch.
*Counter gives Stretch % applied and quantity of Film consumed in each Reel / Pallet.
*Provision for wide range of reel diameters.
*Various levels of protection can be achieved by using flexible control of turn table and Reel speeds.
*Completely automated machine.
*Sturdily built for handling reels upto 1.5 tonnes by weight.
*Low profile height of turn table for easy loading and unloading of reels.
*Pit mounting of machine is possible so that loading and unloading of Reels is at Ground Level
*Applies pre-stretched film delivered from State-of-Art Powered Pre-Stretch Unit.
*Film stretch percentage can be easily adjusted to optimise film consumption and provide sufficient protection.
*Wide range of film material can be used.
*Ideally suited for paper, film foil, sheets and similar materials produced in reel form.


Pallets/Hour: 15-30 pallets/hour
Pallet Size: 1200 x 1200 (44" x 44")
Pallet Height: 2500 mm (100")
Weight / Pallet: 2000 Kg
Range of Reel Diameter: 300-1000 mm
Range of Reel Width: Upto 1200 mm
Turn Table
Diameter: 1600 mm
Height (below GL): 540 mm
Maximum Stretch: 300 %
Installed Power: 1.9 kw
Power Supply: 220V, Single Phase, 50Hz
Shipping Details: 1800 kg/4.5m3
Film Details
Material: LLDPE Stretch Film
Film Width: 250 to 500 mm
Film Thickness: 12-35 ยต
Core Diameter: 76 mm
Maximum Film. Diameter: 250 mm

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