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Ring wrapper machine

Penguin Ring wrapper


Penguin Ring Wrapping

* Can be supplied for any length and cross section of any product-single/ bundle
* Variable speeds for conveyors and ring wrapper
* Completely automatic cycle of operation - including holding the film initially and cutting the film finally
* Overlap of film can be varied as desired
* One stroke lubrication and very low maintenance requirements Specifications
Capacity Details
*Production/ Speed: 400-900 meters/hour
*Bundle / Product Diameter: 30-1500 mm
*Bundle / Product Length: Min 500 to any length
Machine Details
*Turn Table Height(above GL): 1000 mm
*Turn Table Speed: 150-300 rpm
*Maximum Stretch: 150 percentage
*Installed Power: 3.75 kw
*Power Supply: 415V, 3phase , 50Hz
Film Details
*Material: LLDPE - Stretch Film
*Film Width: 50-250 mm
*Film Thickness: 12-35 ยต
*Core Diameter of film roll: 25 / 50/ 76 mm
*Maximum Diameter of film roll: 150 mm

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