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wire braider-48c

48 Carrier Single Deck Wire Braider

wire braider

36 Carrier Double Deck Wire Braider

wire braider-24c

24 Carrier Single Deck Wire Braider

Penguin braiding machines are built with design and material perfected over years of experience in building a range of braiding machines & are engineered for precision braiding of high performance high pressure hoses. The modular design makes it possible to tailor the machine to suit the requirement of the customer.
These Braiding machines are characterized by high productivity, simplicity and excellence in performance. The hoses manufactured by these machines are far superior to conventional hoses in strength, appearance and durability.
Penguin Braiding Machines are indigenously designed and Penguin is the only indigenous manufacturers of the heavy duty machines in India and one among the very few quality manufacturers in the world.

Video of 36 Carrier Single Deck Wire Braider

Video of 48 Carrier Single Deck Wire Braider


Number of carriers 24 36 48
Carrier speed 27 rpm 18 rpm 13 rpm
Dimension of the machine
Excluding caterpillar
(L x B x H in mm)
Double deck
3765 x 2060 x 2200
Double deck
4825 x 2620 x 2690
Single deck
2850 x 3200 x 3700
Power requirement 16 kW 20 kW 16 kW
Power supply 415 V / 3 Phase
Carrier tension 3 to 13kg
Weight of wire / bobbin 9 kg (1600 cc)
Weight of yarn / bobbin 1.25 kg (1600 cc)
Machine configuration Horizontal / Vertical
Number of decks (optional) Single / Double / Triple
Haul off caterpillar type Chain drive with PU lugs 600mm long pulling / Capstan
Type of braiding Wire / Yarn
Type of wire / yarn carrier Heavy duty carrier with interchangeable shoes
Design pitch 22 to 75 mm
Horn gear diameter 270 mm (PCD)
Height of heavy duty long shoe 118 mm
Horn gear speed 160 rpm
Wire bobbin size 125mm OD / 147mm Traverse
Yarn bobbin size 125mm OD / 150mm Traverse
Electronic control PLC and digital drives
Pitch control Electronic pitch control (No change gears)
Oil lubrication Automatic force feeding recirculating type

  • 100% carriers and bobbins included in the machine price and supplied along with machine
  • Built-in Haul-off with separate geared motors for each jaw suitable for flexible and rigid hoses
  • Latest Technology – No top plate braider
  • Heavy duty horn gears for high pressure braiding – Tension from 3 to 13 kg / carrier
  • Acoustic enclosure
  • Sufficient suction fans for temperature control
  • Large bobbin capacity upto 9 kg wire / bobbin and 1.25 kg yarn / bobbin – Reduced bobbin change time
  • Carriers require minimum compensation
  • Heavy duty deck plates
  • Ergonomically designed doors and openings
  • Smooth carrier transfer by “carrying type” horn gears
  • Specially crafted heavy duty horn gear and smooth track
  • All springs included in the supply of carriers; Clutch springs & Torsion springs
  • Hose guides at each braiding point and Haul-off ends
  • Suitable for braiding – High tensile brass coated steel wire, Stainless steel wire, Different yarns like Kevlar, Aramid, Nylon, Polyester (Coated and Uncoated)
  • Upto 36 carrier braiders for maximum coverage upto 60mm braiding diameter
  • Electronic gearing for "On the Go" pitch control
  • Independent deck drive motor and control
  • Complete Electronic drives, controls, PLC, Touch panel and Pitch control
  • Start / Stop / Jog push buttons at convenient places
  • Soft Start / Stop system
  • Single wire cut, Bobbin empty, Full wire cut sensors included for efficient quality braiding
  • Interlock switches for door openings
  • Top indication lights for operator convenience
  • Preform pin for “No flare” hose

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