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yarn spiraler

Yarn Spiraler

Spiraling machine is used in construction of spiral structure of yarn over rubber hose. Spiraling is done to increase the compressive strength of rubber hose. The spiraled rubber hose can be used in production of low and medium pressure hoses.


Max. spiraling diameter 75 mm
Number of bobbins Max. 36 x Double head
Weight of bobbin 1.5 kg
Bobbin volume 2300 cc
Speed of spiral head 310 rpm
Yarn static tension 30 - 150 g
Yarn dynamic tension within ±10%
Center height of hose from floor 1150 ± 10 mm
Pneumatic pressure 6 bar
Power required 23.5 kW
Electric supply 440V, 3 Phase,50 Hz
Overall dimensions (L x B x H) in mm 3300 x 1550 x 2550

  • Pneumatic brake for instant stop
  • Two doors with either side accessibility; Bobbins can be easily accessed
  • Inlet and exit guide rollers
  • 2 heads of 36 bobbins each
  • PLC & Human Machine Interface for easy operation of the machine
  • High torque motors to give a slow speed and high torque applications at very slow speed.
  • The pitch is maintained with encoder
  • The operation of the machine is controlled with PLC and the parameters can be input safely with an HMI.
  • The safety elements in the machine includes, the pneumatic brake, safety relay at the panel, braking resistors and many other features.
  • The pneumatic reservoirs act to store the extra needed air, even if the compressed air requirement fails at one point of time.
  • The pneumatic brake setting, of when to apply and when NOT to apply, is easily set able in the HMI screen.
  • The stop motion of the yarn sensor, 2 numbers for each deck, will assist the operator to stop the machine immediately, if there is any breakage of yarn.
  • The tower lamp will assist the operator to show the working status of the machine.
  • Ergonomic design of the machine with HMI in an movable design, for easy access for the operator.

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