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coil wrapping machine

Penguin Coil Wrapper - Model: COIL WRAP R878

coil wrapping machine

Penguin Coil Wrapper - Model: COIL WRAP R730

Penguin Coil Wrapper wraps the coil shaped products through the eye of the product in a spiral manner. The wrapping material is applied over the product using stretch rollers supported on a vertical ring which has a provision of passing the coil through eye horizontally.


Inner diameter Max. 600mm; Min. 400mm
Outer diameter Max. 900mm; Min. 600mm
Height Max. 350mm; Min. 200mm
Weight Max. 150 kg
Table height 960 mm
Max.ring speed 70 rpm
Power requirement 440V, Three phase, 50 hZ
Installed power 3.0 kW / 4.0 HP
Material LLDPE Stretch film 23 - 30µ thick
Film width 100 mm
Core diameter 25.4 mm
Maximum film diameter

150 mm

Number of packing rolls

2 (one for stretch film roll; one for HDPE Woven fabric)

    Features of the machine

  • Enables torus shaped products to be wrapped through eye
  • A wide range of coil sizes can be wrapped in the same machine
  • Human Machine Interface
  • Suitable for use with stretch film roll and HPDE Wovenfabric
  • Adjustable film overlap
  • Cycle time adjustable
  • Indigenously made


For solid coils or flexible coils with solid core in inner diameter;Torus shaped products like Coil of hoses / wires / cables, rings, wheels & Rolls

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