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Wire Winder - Model: PHEW-LO12

Wire winder Model: PHEW-LO12 is a high speed wire bobbin winder designed to ensure consistent quality of winding. This winder has modular let off stations and can be configured as per requirement of the customer.

The constant wire length coupled with constant letoff tension maintained by the digital tension control system ensures catenary measurements that surpass the industry standards. The crossover of the wire strands during the reeving process is avoided by the wire clamping tool and wire holding springs.

The complete process of winding is automated except for loading of the bobbin, attachment of the wire and unloading of the bobbin. The parameters that govern the winding process are loaded from safety for the operator. The entire winging process can be monitored and controlled through operator control panels and push button stations on the winder and the let off module.


  Bobbin winder 12 Let-off Station
Main drive 5.5 kW / 380 V  
Ambient temperature of operation +10º c to 35º c +10º c to 35º c
Electrical connections (400 v / 50 hz) ± 10% (400 v / 50 hz) ± 10%
Power consumption 8 kW 1.5 kW
Pneumatic connection 6 bar  
Bobbin dimension    
Flange diameter 50 to 160 mm  
Traverse 50 - 230 mm  
Speed of drive spindle (Maximum) 2600 rpm  
Torque of drive spindle 20 Nm  
Pitch range 0.01 - 12 mm  
Wire diameter 0.19 - 0.4 mm  
Wire strength  

5 - 16 N (0.2 - 0.3 wire diameter.
Tensile strength 2450 - 3050 N / mm2)

Max. speed of wire

12 m / s (0.3mm wire)
8 m / s (0.4mm wire)
4 m / s (0.19mm wire)

Mass Approx. 850 kg Approx 950 kg
Size (L x B x H) in mm 1110 x 1560 x 1860 2000 x 1250 x 2300
Noise level

less than 83 dB (A) BP 60
supplier bobbins

Programmings 99 programs  

  • High winding speed : 720m / min.
  • Modular Let-off stations with electronic brake system
  • Electronically controlled hysteresis brake
  • Constant winding speed and controlled wire speed during start and stop
  • Digital variable speed servo drive
  • Digital tension control system
  • HMI (Human Machine Interface) 7” Colour touch screen
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