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Caterpillar -- Extruder Caterpillar

Penguin caterpillar is sturdy to pull evenly the hydraulic hose that is being extruded from the extrusion process onto a drum or cooling tower. Two extruders when connected in parallel in the extrusion line can be synchronized with the extrusion process.
Brand: Penguin engineers
Manufactured by: Penguin Engineers
Model: Caterpillar - many models

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Caterpillar with DC drive control

Extruder caterpillar Caterpillar with DC drive control @ Parker, India.

Caterpillar with AC drive control

Caterpillar - Timing belt Caterpillar with DC drive control @ Polyhose, India.

Long Caterpillar

Haul-off System Long Caterpillar @ Parker, India.


Caterpillar with long contact length and multiple spreader rollers to pull the hose by applying uniform pressure
Wide timing pulleys for trouble free operation
Pneumatic gripping type with adjustable gripping pressure
Adjustable inlet and outlet guide
Adjustable lower belt height to accommodate different hose diameter
Adjustable center height as per specifications can be provided (Standard center height: 950mm)
Maximum opening of belt: 100mm
Positive drive belt with pressure distributing rollers


Caterpillar - AC control
Caterpillar - DC control
Extruder / Cutting / Printing / Winding
Upto 60 m / min.
Upto 100 m / min.
Center height
950mm adjustable
1000mm adjustable
AC Motor; 4kW
DC Motor; 3.7kW
Jaw opening
Pneumatic type
Overall dimensions (LxBxH) (mm)
1410 x 790 x 1580
1730 x 905 x 1820