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Penguin stretch wrapping machine is ideal for table top model for light carton boxes. Carton boxes which are small to handle are good for products like books, note books, carton boxes, containing pharmaceutical products, electrical & home appliances, light and heavy engineering goods, tins containing fruit pulp, paint, liquids, lubricants etc.
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Manufactured by: Penguin Engineers
Model: Compact - stretch wrapping machine


Model: Compact

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Box Stretch Wrapping Machine


The Penguin Box Stretch Wrapping Machine (Model: Compact) is a simple and convenient device to wrap carton boxes and objects of similar geometry using stretch film delivered from “The-State-of-Art” Powered Pre-Stretch Unit.

Stretch Wrapped Protection can be given to small & medium sized objects packed in carton boxes, cans, tins, drums, etc.

This is highly suitable for goods with light weight that can be manually loaded, turned over, wrapped and unloaded from the machine.

This machine can be easily integrated into conveyor lines.



Provides an inexpensive method of protecting carton boxes and similar products from moisture and damage during transportation.
Wraps using stretch cling film.

Very high throughput – up to 120 packs per hour.
Easy manipulation of load to provide bi-directional wrapping.

Digital display of Stretch percentage, film consumption
Suitable for Apparels, Garments, computer components, handicrafts and food products packed in Carton boxes.

Optional - Pneumatic cylinder with top platen models.
Box wrapper: Model Compact with Top Platen

Box stretch wrapper with top platen




Packs /Hour 30 - 75 boxes/hour
Box Size (mm) maximum 600 x 600
Box Height 700 mm (28")
Weight / Box 100 kgs. maximum
Turn Table
Turn table diameter 900 mm
Height (above GL) 750 mm
Speed 20 rpm
Maximum stretch 300%
Installed power 0.75 kW
Power supply 220V, single phase, 50H
Film Details
Material LLDPE - Stretch Film
Film width 250 to 500 mm
Film thickness 12-35 µ (23µ recommended)
Core diameter 76 mm
Maximum film diameter 250 mm

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Industries manufacturing Goods like Computer monitors, Domestic pumps, Electrical & Electronic Goods, Engineering items, Cosmetic items, Consumer goods etc., have to pack huge quantity of their valuable products kept in Carton Boxes daily. Penguin Stretch Wrapping Machine – Model COMPACT, is suitable for packing the above consumer goods quickly while giving additional protection too.

This simple to operate, table-top model machine consists of a motorized variable speed Turn Table, so that the operator can conveniently stand near the machine and stretch wrap the carton boxes / products quickly. The 'powered pre-stretch' unit stretches the LLDPE stretch cling film upto 300%, so as to cover the products consuming least quantity of stretch film. This results in very low packing cost. About 120 Boxes per hour can be easily stretch wrapped using this machine.

This machine enables Industries manufacturing items as above to drastically reduce the hands in packing department; to give added attraction and protection to the printed carton boxes containing valuable products inside; to considerably save total power costs, when compared to shrink wrap system. This machine is suitable for products weighing upto 50 Kgs, & requires only 220V, 1-phase, 15 Amps & 0.75 kW power supply.