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Silicon hose building

Penguin silicon hose building machine is one of the latest models for producing hose building in layers for silicon hose. Mandrels with length upto 5 meters are built with different layers of silicon, rubber hose, nylon tape, other protective layers
Penguin Engineers
Manufactured by: Penguin Engineers
Model: Hose building


Hose wrapping machine - Flexible hose


Hose building machine is ideal for building reinforced industrial hose for liquids and certain solids by wrapping a plurality of layers of different materials including a resin, rubber, fabric, steel wire, cello tape etc., The mandrel is rotated and the carriage moves from one side of the mandrel to the other side, with the required angle that is needed to overlap the previous one and form the final layer with the required covering. The movement of the carriage is precisely co-ordinated with the rotation of the mandrel, so that the exact pitch is achieved.

Photo Gallery

Fabric roll wrapper
picture shows the Carriage Unit of the Hose Building Unit