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Yarn braider - Vertical, horizontal, single, double decks

Penguin yarn braiders are manufactured for the past twenty five years and are proven to be one of the best in the hose industry. Yarns and rayon braiding are used commonly in the Penguin machines with excellent braid quality and consistent pitch.
Penguin Engineers
Manufactured by: Penguin Engineers
Model: Yarn braider

View the Video of 24 Carrier Single Deck Yarn Braiding Machine

View the Video of 36 Carrier Double Deck Yarn Braiding Machine


Yarn braider - vertical

Yarn Braiding Machine - Single Deck

Yarn carriers

BRAIDMASTER is a high performance precision braider. This braider is engineered to give sustained performance over long periods.

The machine is built with a steel framed structure. The drives and take-off are located at the top of the machine. The spindles can be accessed from either side through conveniently placed safety interlock doors. The deck assembly is engineered to ensure smooth sliding and exchange of shoes. Exceptional smooth running, minimum vibration and very low noise are salient features of the machine.

The wire carriers are of proven design. They are engineered to perfection for trouble free performance. The carriers have bobbin capacity of 820 cc. Molded integral plastic carriers with shoes are available for yarn braiding applications on this machine.

The machine can operate speeds upto 175 horn gear rpm. Pitch can be varied by change gears. Caterpillar pulling system for take up system is chain driven.

The braiding machine is designed based on research and development experience for over a decade in the field of hose braiding machines. Penguin also manufactures cure tape wrapping and unwrapping machine, wire winding machine, spares and accessories for the hose industry.



Yarn braider - double deck

Yarn Braiding Machine - Double Deck

Yarn carriers




Vertical / Horizontal machine with single/ double deck construction
Occupies low floor space area 1.7m x 1.6m
Designed for vibration free operation
750mm x 200mm wide capstan take-off for vertical briading machine
Caterpillar with additional pull-up rollers for slip-free operation at high tensions for horizontal braiding machine
Powerful Motors (4kW) with AC variable speed drives for smooth trouble free operation
Recirculating forced lubricating system to ensure long life of deck assembly
Heavy fabricated deck to reduce vibration and noise
Precisioned machined components to ensure interchangeability and reliability
Ergonomically designed doors and access openings so that bobbins can be replaced easily
Choice of variable deck speeds upto 175 rpm
Change gear for six take off speeds at all three deck speeds (additional change gears can be provided)




Number of Carriers
 Horn GearĀ 
192 mm
175 rpm
Yarn carrier with integral shoes
80 mm
125 mm
550 cc
Variation by change gears
Capstan Take-off
750 mm
200 mm
Main Motor
1440 rpm
HP / kW
5.0 HP / 4 kW
Force feed automatic re-circulating type
Lubrication Motor
0.25 HP

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Penguin Hose Braiding machines are indigenously designed and Penguin are the only indigenous manufacturers of these heavy duty machines in India and one among the very few manufacturers in the world.

These Braiding machines are characterized by high productivity, simplicity and excellence in performance. The hoses manufactured by these machines are far superior to conventional hoses in strength, appearance and durability.

Braiding technique is used to retain the shape and increase the strength and the life of the Special purpose Hoses made from materials like Rubber, PVC etc.,