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Penguin wire winders are high precision winders for the hydraulic hose industry, with proven consistent pitch and constant tension throughout the winding. Variants includes with mechanical and electrical let off including electromagnetic clutch with very high speed models.
Penguin Engineers
Manufactured by: Penguin Engineers
Model: PBW1200C

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Wire winding machine

PBW1200 is a precision parallel winder designed to ensure highest quality in winding bobbins for use in braiding machines. The standard machine is provided with twelve stations with conventional mechanical brake type let-off. The machine uses a traversing beak mechanism with compensator rather than the conventional traversing bobbin design. The band of wire is wrapped around the precision godet wheel. This ensures uniform wire lengths and yields catenary test results which are consistent and surpass than its conventional machines.

The traversing beak and compensator are operated by precision lead screws. The entire traverse mechanism is enclosed. Almost instant reversals of the carriage is made possible by the servo traverse assembly and driven by servo motor. The pitch can be precisely adjusted and maintained by this arrangement. The unevenness of winding near the flanges is completely eliminated due to this digitally controlled traverse. The operator can adjust the traverse and reversal points on-the-fly through push buttons. Smooth winding and precision stopping at set points are possible through digital drives to the spindle and microprocessor based length counter.

The machine is constructed to ensure complete safety to operator and all motors and drives are enclosed. The winding area is protected by sliding door with safety latch limit switch. The machine provides an excellent combination of highest quality in winding, operator convenience and flexibility to wind different bobbins.



Traversing beak type with compensator
Digital setting of traverse reversal
On-the-fly traverse adjustment
6 / 12 let-off station with mechanical brakes
Traverse parameter set on interface panel
Digital length measurement
Step speed slow down to stop speed
Constant wire speed 400m / min.




Traversing beak type
Bobbin size
upto 260mm length and 175mm diameter
Spindle speed
1500 rpm max.
Infinitely variable upto 5mm max. band width
2.2 kW
Servo motor
Dimensions (L x B x H) (mm)
1930 x 1640 x 1965