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Tapewetting and winding machine

Penguin tape wetting and winding machine is a high precision machine for winding silicon solution/ soap solution, nylon tape, that is used for hydraulic hose industry for wrapping/ unwrapping. The machine winds the nylon tape with constant tension and perfect immersion of the solution for its suitable application.
Penguin Engineers
Manufactured by: Penguin Engineers
Model: Tapewetting and winding

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Constant winding tension maintained by particle brake with load cell feedback
Constant line speed maintained through line speed encoder
Both unwinder and winder fitted with pneumatic chuck for tool free mounting of tape spool
Winder axis driven by AC Variable speed drive and drive through geared brake motor
Provision to vary the tape tension and line speed from the control panel using potentiometers
Tape length measurement system to wind preset length of tape on the spool
Complete stainless steel wrapping chamber with stainless steel rollers for all wetted areas
Compact bath for release solution with submerged rollers running on stainless steel bearings
Provision for maintaining the bath temperature by electronically controlled heater
Convenient provision for draining the liquid from the bath and the wrap chamber
Vertically sliding doors for complete safety and easy access for loading and threading of tape
Safety features built into the system with dual interlock door switch on either side
Door opening enabled only when the rotating parts are completely stopped
Edge sensor to prevent accident during feeding of tape from outside
Safety foot switch for jogging the tape when feeding tape from outside
All safety features integrated and executed through safety PLC
Tubular steel frame with steel plate for the entire rear mounting face
Machine mounted on castors for easy movement
Stable retractable foot provided for anchoring the machine to ensure stability
Compact foot print of 1.5m x 0.7m


AC Drive; 2.2 kW
Core Size
304mm Diameter
Max. Spool size
720 mm
Tape width
50mm to 120mm
Upto 100m/ min