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Penguin Hose Wrap/ Unwrap Systems- (Rigid Mandrels) Model: Wrapmaster 600RC

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Hose wrapping machine - Model Wrapmaster 600RC

Penguin hose wrapping machine for rigid mandrels is a high speed state-of-the-art machine with servo controls to accurately match the pitch and tension of the spool tape at high speeds of upto 600rpm.
Brand: Penguin engineers
Manufactured by: Penguin Engineers
Model: Wrapmaster 600RC

View the video of Wrapmaster 600RC - Wrapping Operation

View the video of Wrapmaster 600RC - Unwrapping Opertation


Hose wrapping machine - Rigid mandrel hoses Penguin hose wrapping machine for Rigid mandrels @ Parker, India.
Hose wrapping machine - Dual extruder Penguin hose wrapping machine for Rigid mandrels @ Hutchinson, France.


Penguin Wrap Master 600RC wraps and unwraps mandrel at speeds upto 600 rpm. Hoses manufactured on rigid mandrels that are flexible can be wrapped using suitable supports.

The machine occupies minimum floor space with steel fabricated body. The rotating head is maintenance free. Production speeds upto 35m/min ensure high productivity with better utilization of the machine. Reliable and efficient positive non-slip conveyor drives are used.

Ergonomic machine design with PLC controls provides ease of operation. Motor drives along with electronic servo motor synchronization make it a state-of-the-art machine. The pitch rate, tension level and speed datas can be set by PLC.

The state-of-the-art Penguin Hose Wrapping and Unwrapping System wraps the product spirally with tapes.

Automatic Brand Tape placement and removal is possible with separate Servo motors.



High speed wrapping/unwrapping upto 35 meters/min
Controlled high tension wrapping upto 15 kg tension
Variable tape width and overlap percentage
Delicate handling of hoses
User -friendly HMI with 10" touch screen
Ergonomic machine design
High speed wrapping head
Traverse arrangement for brand tape removal
Maintenance free head system
Efficient brand tape system for perfect laying
Release solution collecting system
Electrical and pneumatic brakes for rapid stop
Pneumatic door operating system
Hose guide tubes for wrapping different size of hoses





Head Drive
15 kW
Spool Drive
11 kW
Caterpillar Drive
4.65 kW
Brand Tape Drive
1.5 kW
Servo drives
10” Colour touch screen
Fully automatic with PLC control
Hose Feeding
Take-off caterpillar
Heavy duty structural steel frame
Positive drive belt with pressure distributing rollers
Compressed Air
7 Kg/Sqcm; 30 liters/hour
Noise Level
<75 dB
Production Data:
Mandrel system
Rigid mandrel
Hose/ Cable length
No restriction
Type of hose
Wire/ fabric reinforced
Hose diameter
Upto 70 mm
Upto 35 m/ min
Tape Spool Capacity:
Taper core with removable section
One operational + One storage
Core diameter
308 mm (12.125”)
Maximum tape diameter
752 mm (30”)
Maximum tape length
1600 m (5,250ft)
Width range
50 mm to 100 mm (2 - 4”)
Floor space
1.6 x 3.5 M
4500 Kg
Power consumption
<15 kW