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Penguin hose knitting machine are world class machines for the knitted hose industry. Most of the radiator hose manufacturers in India and abroad use Penguin hose knitting machines and produce very high quality knitted hoses. A high speed version of the machine includes to the synchronized with the extruders, so as not to compromise the speed and production.
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Manufactured by: Penguin Engineers
Model: Hose knitting

View the Video of Hose Knitting Machine - Batch Process

View the Video of Hose Knitting Machine - Continuous Line Process


Hose Knitting is a recent concept in automobile radiator hose technology. Penguin Hose Knitting Machines are indigenously designed and Penguin are the only indigenous manufacturers of these machines in India and one among the very few manufacturers in the world.

This machine is characterised by high productivity, simplicity and excellent performance.

The hoses manufactured by this machine are far superior to conventionally wrapped hoses in strength, appearance and durability.

This machine is used for the manufacture of all types of bent hoses, curved hoses and hoses of various diameters used in automobiles. 

Continuous Line Process
-High Speed Online w ith extruders



Batch Process

Different models to knit any hose diameter from 6mm to 150mm
Machine can use a variety of knitting yarns like cotton, rayon, nylon, polyester, polyamide etc.

Labour saving in manufacturing process because of horizontal continuous knitting.

Provision to vary knit structure and obtain homogenous knitting.
Requires 10 HP power for knitting head & caterpillar.
Easy to change knitting heads and easily serviceable

Continuous Line Process

Increase of wire flatness
Less problems pin hole; nippling
Equal force to single wire ends
50% Higher speed
Better impulse performance
Less wire consumption


Number of feeders
1 to 4
Bobbin dimensions (Diameter / Length)
205 / 170mm
Minimum diameter reinforcement (OD)
14 mm
Maximum speed (rpm)
Knitting module power
1.5 kW; 3 Phase
Caterpillar power
1.5 kW; 3 Phase
Interchangeable heads
Safety protections


Knitted fabric reinforcement structure of Radiator hose. Automotive heater and coolant hoses, air hoses and all types of similar low pressure hoses used in automobiles and other applications, can be manufactured by knitting fabric reinforcement using Penguin Hose Knitting Machine